Thursday, October 28, 2010

2nd Grade Rousseau-Inspired Jungle Scenes

Henri Rousseau's jungle paintings were the inspiration for this project.  Shown above is "Surprise" from 1891.  The painting was projected when the students came in the room.  We talked about what they saw and where this scene might take place.  The timing worked out great because 2nd grade was studying habitats at the time.  <--- Happy Accident.  I asked the students where they thought the artist who made the painting might have lived and of course most of them thought probably close to the jungle.  The students were surprised when I told them that Rousseau was a French artist who never actually visited the jungle!  I read that Rousseau used books and even toy animals for reference.

I think there is a lot of green. My hippo looks very weird. I do not want to change it. I like my project a lot.

The first step of the drawing was making a row of leaf rubbings.  After the leaves were done, the students chose one of the jungle animal books I pulled from the library and found a picture for reference.  The animals were supposed to be drawn as though they were behind the leaves to add depth to the artwork.  They drew first with pencil and then added colored pencil.  When students finished, they wrote  artist statements, you can view some of the artwork and read some second grade writing below!

I drew a white cheeked gibinnon. The white cheeked gibinnon was hard to draw.

I drew a tiger. It will be hard to draw. It takes you 1 to 2 minutes. I learned that you can see that tigers live in the jungle. They're wild.

I drew a jungle, an armadillo, a cheetah, and a monkey. I like my picture.

This monkey is named Lilg. The bird is named Milly. Lilg liked bananas and Milly likes bird food. I drew them from a book.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Kindergarten Overlapping Pumpkins

This is another repeat lesson from last year.  Last year I mainly wanted to do this lesson to show students that overlapping creates depth/space, but this year I tried to focus more on shape (my SMART goal).  I showed the students how to draw a pumpkin by starting with a tall, skinny ellipse.  After that, we added shapes to each side that we decided looked like bananas.  After the middle was drawn and one section was added to each side, it looked like a hotdog!  The comparisons seemed to help the students remember.  One of the Kindergarten teachers told me she asked the students to draw pumpkins in their classroom.  She was expecting circles and they started drawing the pumpkins with sections!  Then yesterday, on the Kindergarten field trip to the pumpkin patch, they were finding pumpkins and pointing out the ellipse shaped sections!  I was really excited that they were paying attention and learning and sharing that!

Hmmm... I edited the rest of these so I don't know why they are showing up un-cropped!

This student asked if he could make a pattern in his background!  (Of course I said yes!)

1st Grade Pumpkin Patterns

This is a recycled lesson from last year.  In one 1st grade class period, we reviewed AB patterns they had been learning about in math, 
brainstormed contrasting qualities of pumpkins that could be used for "A" and "B", learned how to draw pumpkins with sections instead of just a circle,
and drew and colored a row of pumpkins that make an AB pattern.

Here are some results! 

Monday, October 25, 2010

1st Grade Scarecrows

First grade students made these scarecrows, I think they turned out really cute!  We talked about geometric shapes and looked at a scarecrow I brought to the Art room to get ideas on how to form the body.  I let the students choose a piece of 6"x9" construction paper for the background and they cut construction paper scraps to form the body.  The students did not draw the shapes with pencil before cutting, they drew with their scissors!  In the second class period, they used construction paper crayons to add details and a background.  Many of the students also had time to write artist statements, most of them said something to the effect of: I love my scarecrow because it is awesome. :)

Check out the rest of the scarecrows and artist statements in our Artsonia gallery!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Art In-Tents

 I just wanted to make a post to share pictures from the Art In-Tents event and show that was planned and executed by the K-12 Art Faculty in my district.
 One of the high school Art teachers explaining the printmaking project.
 Wire Wrapped Jewelry Display

 Families checking out the Printmaking Display

Below is a small selection of the prints my students made by drawing into styrofoam pieces.  These are the more successful prints where the students listened to the instructor's suggestions and put a little thought into their work!

 *I think it's interesting that two of the 6th grade students made self portraits by choice when the self portrait project we just finished was NOT popular...